Ir laser pointer

Starke unsichtbare Laserpointer Infrarot mit einer Wellenlänge von 808NM oder 980NM gibt es nur in unserem High Tech Laserpointershop. Unser neuer Laserpointer 30mW Infrarot 808NM mit Laserpunktfokussierung.

Durch die enorme Leistung von 3000mW schneidet dieser Laserpointer so . Powerful 980nm Focusable IR Infrared Laser Pointer with Black Box (Battery not included for easy custom clearance). Ir laser pointer invisible laser powerful. Here is the most powerful laser pointer of 980nm wavelength. Dragonlasers Viper series 980nm 400mW IR laser pointers are compact high quality lasers producing invisible beams and ideal for research and industrial .

W laser in infrared wavelength is not as bright as the 2w .