Oxford lasers

Produces a variety of specialized laser devices, with emphasis on high speed imaging and precision micromachining. Spécialistes des Systèmes Lasers Conception et fabrication de systèmes de Micro-Usinage Laser et d’Imagerie à gande vitesse.

As one of the most successful spin outs from Oxford University, Oxford Lasers have been at the forefront of laser technology for almost years. Providing the full spectrum of automated Laser Micro-Machining Tools and Laser Imaging Systems . It offers laser systems for spray droplet . Manufacturer of high-speed imaging systems for PIV, microPIV, particle droplet sizing, spray analysis and flow visualization; laser micromachining sys.

We research the interaction of light and matter over an enormous range of conditions, from high-energy plasmas created by the most powerful lasers in the world . Name: Laser dicer Oxford Lasers A-Series. Instrument description: These laser micromachining systems are . The Oxford Laser is a 532nm diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser. It has a nominal spot size of about 20um (measured to be 17um) and can output about 5W . This information is Confidential and must not be communicated to any third party without the written consent of Oxford Lasers. As one of the most successful spin out from Oxford University in 197 Oxford lasers have been at the forefront of laser technology for almost years.

Organisation Type: Organisation Role: Partner. Technology from Oxford Lasers for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Micromaching and Imaging, Laser Drilling, Cutting, Scribing, Marking and Engraving. Colin Webb and Andrew Kearsley, Oxford Lasers. Professor Colin Webb tells the story: As a vacation student in 195 .