Pocket jump starter

Car Starter JackCo ZT504Zeta Pocket Jump Starter Main View The Jackco ZT504Pocket Jump Starter is capable of jump starting passenger vehicles, light . Rockford RFD49Pocket Power XD Mini Jump Starter.

New lithium ion battery tech means you can carry a device capable of jump-starting your car in your pocket. This ultra-light, pocket-size portable device can jump start your car, motorcycle, jet ski, or speedboat with volts at 3amp peak current, has an LED flash. Me demonstrating a Zeta Pocket Jump Starter and USB charger. ROCKFORD POCKET POWER Mini Jump Starter Portable Power Source.

Mighty Jump Pocket Car Jump Starter and Power Bank A pocket-sized device that can charge up your car AND your phone?

The Micro-Start XP-is the world’s smallest portable car jump starter and personal power supply. The pocket-sized device is capable of starting even cylinder .