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You all saw my review for the Lotus Vaporizer Pipe – check out the adapter! Sturdy, strong, easy to use and clean – the Lotus Vaporizer features a. The Lotus is a portable vaporizer that uses a jet torch for its heat source.

In January of 20I received a humble looking hand-held vaporizer named the “Lotus“. It didn’t look like much – just a simple body resembling . The Lotus Portable Vaporizer is the next big thing in the portable vaporizer market and VaporStore is now the EXCLUSIVE, online retailer for this product! The Glass J-Hook Kit combines the lighter-powered Lotus vaporizer with. You can also upgrade the Lotus vapor cap to a high heat completely . The best tasting electronic cigarettes and e-juice on the market today.

The Lotus Vaporizer is a new torch powered unit that provides convection heated vapor for a smooth and flavorful experience.

Der Lotus sieht aus wie eine Purpfeife, dennoch ist es ein Vaporizer, der Aufsatz macht den Unterschied. Portable vaporizer units make it easy to enjoy medicinal marijuana and legal recreational marijuana on the go, but dealing with rechargeable batteries can be a .