Ultrasonic microphone

A low-cost approach to recording ultrasonic vocalisations. The M5microphone is easily used with a tablet PC or laptop to record bat calls and other ultrasonic signals with the highest quality. The modular device concept of the UltraSoundGate system makes it possible to use various exchangeable ultrasonic microphones.

For this reason, an ultrasonic microphone is directional, though it has only one acoustic port. The directional pattern depends on how the . Many professional recorders can sample at 1kHz, so coupled with a good microphone, they can make excellent ultrasound recorders for sounds below 96 . Ultramics are ultrasound microphones, with an integrated digital to analog converter. While Knowles industry-leading MEMS silicon surface mount microphone. Wide range of applications; Micro-sized sensing and actuation.

Knowles Corporation has developed the world’s first digital microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth.

This new product allows microphones to assist . I am looking into purchasing this microphone. Ultrasonic is usually in the 50-1kHz (and slightly higher) range.