Ear stretching

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT THE PROPER WAY TO STRETCH YOUR EARS. Earlobe stretching is something that not only makes your ears bigger to accommodate big jewelry; it is also a meaningful . Stretching your Ears – A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide.

Ear stretching can be a great looking, versatile and ultimately rewarding body modification. Stretching, in the context of body piercing, is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing certain types of jewelry. Ear stretching originated from tribes in Africa, Eurasia, and other indigenous lands. It was practiced for cultural, religious, and traditional purposes.

What gauge to start stretching your ears at? A great question that you will need to know when starting to stretch your ears is . We have a huge selection catering to your ear stretching needs.

Here at UBJ, we not only carry ear stretching kits and supplies and aftercare, but we also . Remember, ear stretching is a body modification and should be taken seriously and responsibly. It’s your choice and your body and your responsibility. Stretched ear lobes are becoming an increasingly common sight in the street. But why has creating a large hole in the ear lobe started to . Thinking about stretching your ear piercings to a bigger gauge? Check out these tips for a safe, pain- and infection-free journey to perfectly .

Looking for the best ear stretching kit and ear gauges online? Order today and get FREE shipping on all US orders. A reference for safely stretching body piercings, and to some common questions about ear lobe stretching. Endure the pain, You are going to have some good looking ear lobes! Now that you’re ready to stretch , Give it a shot!

There are many ways out there to stretch a ear lobe. This is a complete guide to stretching your ears! If you’re new to this, please make sure you read everything. Here’s The Krafty Lady’s guide to how to do it safely and (almost!) painlessly… Don’t forget that these are just basic tips . Find and save ideas about Stretched Ears on Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas.

Stretched Lobes, Plugs and Ear Gauges. Ear Stretching 101: Here, you’ll be able to get tips and tricks on stretching your ears, as well as steps on how to stretch your ears properly without doing damage.