Dangerous compressor

We’re not going to hide our intentions: when we set out to design The Dangerous COMPRESSOR, we spent over two years figuring out how to . Ausführliche Informationen zum Dangerous Music Compressor. Der VCA-Kompressor arbeitet verzerrungsfrei und völlig transparent.

Wähle deine Einstellungen und dreh den Threshold zum . The Compressor is described by Dangerous as a dual–channel compressor with provision to link the individual channel side–chain control signals for stereo . The Dangerous Music Compressor is a mastering-grade unit that gives you a fistful of control over your signal. Like all Chris Muth designs, the Compressor is . Der neue Dangerous Music Compressor ist ein high-end 2-Kanal VCA-Kompressor im 19″-Format für den Dual-Mono- und Stereo-Betrieb. The dangerous compressor, back and forth on the knobs, quick sound demo, on this powerful compressor. Andy Hong: When the Dangerous Compressor was first announce I knew that it would be something special, like all of its sibling products in the Dangerous .

Dangerous Music Compressor, Makelloser VCA ohne Verzerrung bis zu 20dB Gain Reduction, Ein Dual Detektor sorgt für besseres Stereo Image, Ausgereifter .