Edelkrone pocket rig

Buy edelkrone Pocket Rig features Compact and Portable DSLR Rig, Fold-Out Support Arm and 15mm Rods. Review edelkrone DSLR Video Supports Rigs, .

The Pocket Rig von edelkrone ist ein kleines Multitalent. Es ist kaum größer als ein Batteriegriff, verwandelt ihre DSLR-Kamera in Sekunden in eine Filmkamera. Wer auf der nach einem hochtransportablen und schnell einsatzfähigem Video-DSLR Rig ist, dürfte das Pocket Rig von Edelkrone . A little demonstration of my Edelkrone pocket rig. Shooting run and gun hand-held video with a DSLR can be tricky.

Edelkrone has announced updates to two of their small camera rigs solutions that are worth checking out. There aren’t many items one sees as a filmmaker or photographer where you think “Holy crap, I have to have that. I saw some nifty rigs from edelkrone at last year’s NAB, and while I haven’t done any real-world shooting with their products, their latest rig . The Swiss Army Knife of DSLR Stabilization: Edelkrone’s Pocket Shot. First I got the original pocket rig -NAB 20exhibit-, for $4and . Edelkrone pocket rig for my Canon 5D MII. I was proposed by dslrnewsshooters to make a. When I am shooting photos with my DSLR I never use the longer exposure the camera is capable of unless I have a tripod with me because I . This gadget is small enough to throw in your backpack, but provides DSLR and small camera users with a rig for stable shots.

Explore Edelkrone Pocket, Dslr Accessories, and more! World’s Most Compact and Lightweight DSLR Rig. Edelkrone Turkish manufacturer has specialized in recent years in creating accessories extremely portable, lightweight and versatile video.