Empress compressor

Other compressor pedals are often limited by oversimplified controls and heavily colored sounds. We have created a truly transparent compressor, complete with . Mit allen Bedienelementen die man im Studio braucht, ist der Empress Compressor eine leistungsfähiges Werkzeug bei der Gestaltung der Spieldynamik. The all new Empress Compressor is a totally transparent compression pedal designed to bring studio quality. Buy Empress Effects Compressor Analog Compression Guitar Effects Pedal: Signal Path Pedal Tuners – Amazon. EXCLUSIVE: Empress Effects Compressor review.

This FET unit is one of the best studio grade guitar compression pedals around. Nun zum Empress Compressor: Hier der Link zum Hersteller, da könnt ihr . Compression is a simple concept, but also a hugely complex process. The Empress Compressor offers tons of controls. With all the controls available in top end studio compressors, the Empress Compressor has opened new sonic doors for guitarists; ranging from truly transparent . Empress: Truly this is a golden age of pedal compressors. Makers have started to realize that they cannot keep re-hashing the same old circuits, and that . Empress places an emphasis on tone control and transparency that you don’t see in a typical stompbox compressor.

I was given an Empress Compressor to try out when they were first released and I was cautiously optimistic when I saw the design and controls. Empress as a manufacturer are responsible for putting out some of the most all-around. Today we are featuring the Empress Effects Compressor Pedal that we . Compression is an effect often overlooked by live guitarists, yet it is a powerful tool in the studio. The main issue with Pedal Compressors is their tendency to . Finally, a compressor pedal with all the controls needed to truly take advantage of this extremely useful effect. Der wirklich transparente Empress Compressor enthält alle Bedienelemente die man auch aus dem Studio kennt.

Das Ergebnis ist ein Dynamik-Werkzeug, das . If you want true control over your compression, get everything you would find on a studio compressor but in a pedal with the Empress Compressor.