Laser cutter 40w

This high precise and high speed COlaser engraver integrates the newest technology to provide designs with top of the line speed and accuracy. Just testing cheap COlaser cutter from , made in China.

A few years ago I was fortunate to co-own a Chinese made Signs Tech 6040w COLaser cutter. Nun zu meinem ProbleVor kurzem habe ich mir einen China Lasercutter mit 40W Leistung auf gekauft, der aber bereits defekt ist. Hallo Es gibt ja mittlerweile 40w CoLaser Geräte für ~600€. This project turns a bad functioning Chinese K40III laser-cutter into a footprint to workspace ratio optimized DIY laser-cutter.

This laser cutter broke within a month of operation so I urge you to buy one like it at your own risk.

I had my COLaser Cutter for a couple of weeks now and in case you missed it, I’ve written up my initial experience with it over a three part .