Zerostat 3 milty

Milty Zerostat Anti-Static Gun removes static electricity from the surface of any LP, perfect for record cleaning. This device is an anti-static generator which has . This handy device fires out positive and negative charges to effectively neutralise static build up on surfaces.

Milty Zerostat statische Entladung der LP oder CD oder anderer geladener Teile. Forum mehrere begeisterte Schilderungen der Milty Zerostat gelesen habe, habe ich mir besagte Ionen-Kanone heute . Verpackung: 1g; Modellnummer: 5036694022153; ASIN: B0033SHDSS . Ein vollkommen neuartiges System für eine wirkungsvolle Elimierung statischer Oberflächenausladungen unter eines Piezo Kristalles. Milty Pro Zerostat LP Record Antistatic Pistol Gun Tool-MiltyPro Zerostat Gun Effective at neutralizing static charges on virtually any surface without the need . After I dug out my old Zerostat gun and went to use it, I remembered this was exactly how the instructions had said to do it. ZEROSTAT ANTI-STATIC GUN BY MILTY – Latest model of proven anti-static product in the laboratory, office, and home.

The Milty Zerostat Anti-Static gun solves the problem of those records that seem to be dust magnets. You know, the ones that attract all the fibers of the slipmat .